Essential dental care to help you achieve fantastic oral health

Lonsdale Dental Centre provides a full range of dental care services to maintain and keep you in great oral health. Your smile says a lot about you. Your personality, your commitment to health and your self-confidence are all reflected in your smile which is why, here at our clinic, we are dedicated to providing every one of our patients with the very best in dental care. Our general dentistry services aim to prevent, diagnose and treat all dental problems, diseases and conditions, helping you to keep your teeth and smile for many years to come. We fully recommend all of our patients have regular check-up appointments to ensure they maintain their dental health.  We recommend appropriate intervals for these examinations according to our assessment of your risk of disease. At Lonsdale Dental Centre we have the most up to date, state of the art equipment to treat all of our patients. Our team of specially trained professionals use evidence based treatment techniques of the highest standard, which is essential for the long term success of our patients’ health. Our General Dentistry services include;

For a first class dental experience visit us today. Our team of friendly staff will happily talk through your dental requirements and will put you at ease in our warm and welcoming surroundings. Contact Us today to make an appointment or why not read more about Our Team or the Testimonials from our patients.