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Emergency Care

Emergency care when you need it most

Here at Lonsdale Dental Centre, we provide an out of hours emergency dental care service for our registered patients. Call us on 01892 617467 during working hours, and 01892 240240 outside of working hours.

If you are in pain or have suffered a trauma to your face or teeth contact us immediately. Our team will be on hand to ease your pain and restore your smile. For immediate pain relief try a cold compress over the area of discomfort and avoid eating or drinking hot or cold drinks.

Call us immediately if you have suffered one of the following:

  • Have completely knocked a tooth out of your mouth

  • Knocked a tooth out of place, causing bleeding to the gum and a loose tooth

  • A severe tooth abscess or infection that has caused your face to swell and you are in acute pain

If you have knocked your tooth out, please follow the advice below to help preserve your tooth:

  • Try not to touch the tooth root

  • If possible place the tooth back into the socket

  • Place the tooth in milk or keep in the side of your mouth between your cheek and teeth

  • Call the clinic immediately

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