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Laser Dentistry

LASERs have been used in dentistry since 1989 and can be used for many different procedures. Dr Pavlovic has travelled internationally to select and train in the Fotona LASER systems we use and we have two of the latest LASER systems to be developed.

Our Practice focus is on minimally invasive treatment. LASER treatment is certainly minimally invasive to the patient compared to alternative treatments and it is considered a natural therapy as it stimulates the body’s own healing response.

Gum surgery and dental implants

Lasers can be used to perform all types of gum surgery, reducing the need for a scalpel and as many stitches. Healing time and post-operative discomfort are greatly reduced.

Lesion removal

Lasers can remove lesions in the mouth and relieve pain and healing time for mouth ulcers and cold sores.

Tooth sensitivity

Used to seal the tubules on the root of the tooth, which are responsible for hot and cold tooth sensitivity.

Wisdom teeth

Lasers can help expose partially erupted wisdom teeth to prevent recurring periods of pain and infection.

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