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Invisible Braces (Invisalign)

Invisalign is a solution to having straighter teeth without having to wear metal braces. Known as invisible orthodontics, this type of treatment offers you the choice of wearing a clear, removable appliance to straighten and align your teeth.

This is often a favourable option for adults who don’t feel comfortable wearing ‘train track’ braces for months on end. The technology behind invisible orthodontics is highly advanced and often gives patients a much shorter treatment time, depending on their individual cases. You can also enjoy the flexibility of your braces being hidden from an untrained eye, making you feel less self-conscious when socialising or speaking in public. With removable braces, you can also take them out to eat or for special occasions, so they fit around your lifestyle.

It is important to remember that straighter teeth are healthier teeth. When your bite is properly aligned and your teeth are straight, there are less areas for food and plaque to get trapped and plaque to build up on the teeth, causing decay and gum inflammation. In that sense, Invisalign is a long-term investment in your oral health.

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