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Hygienist Services

Hygiene services to give you lasting dental benefits

We take great pride in the work our skilled Hygienists perform at Lonsdale Dental Centre. Our team of Hygienists is the front line, ensuring that you enjoy the lasting benefits of your dental restorations and good oral health.

Caring for you as well as your dental health

Regular sessions with our Hygienists, Christelle, Estie, Prue and Helen will aid in the prevention of gum disease (periodontitis), gingivitis, tooth decay and embarrassing bad breath. Furthermore, they can brighten your smile and give you a fresh, healthy long lasting smile.

Great oral health for life

Our team of Dental Hygienists are a vital part of the services we offer here at Lonsdale Dental Centre and have an important role to play in the care and treatment of every day oral care. They are trained to provide treatment beyond what is often undertaken in general dental practices and also have access to more advanced equipment.

Generally it is advisable if you have implants, extensive crown or bridge work, orthodontics in place or a history of gum problems you see a Hygienist every 3-4 months. Our Hygienists can help you with cleaning techniques to use at home which may mean you can increase the interval between appointments.

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