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Dentures are a common solution for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, while full dentures replace an entire set of teeth in one jaw. Dentures can be removable, so you can take them out, or they can be fixed in place with dental implants.

Dentures have in the past had a reputation for becoming loose, uncomfortable and even painful, making eating and speaking difficult and even falling out at inappropriate moments. However, dentistry and the supporting technology and materials have advanced greatly in recent years, meaning that Dentists are now able to create dentures that will fit you well, giving you back confidence in your smile and the ability to enjoy your favourite foods.

If you have lost all or some of your teeth, our team will use their expertise and the latest materials to create natural-looking, beautiful dentures that will fit comfortably and securely. 

Patients who opt for implant-secured dentures, which are held in place by a few dental implants (small titanium screws that are placed directly in the jaw bone) will have their implants placed by our Specialist Periodontist, Dr Pedja Pavlovic, under local anaesthesia. For more information on dental implants, please visit our Implants page.

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