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Dental crowns are a common restorative treatment used to repair broken, extensively decayed, damaged or worn teeth where the root is still intact. Crowns can also be used as restorations for individual dental implants.

A crown is sometimes described as a cap. It is carefully fitted on top of a prepared tooth, giving it back its strength and functionality. We use the latest natural-looking ceramic and composite materials, which in addition to being very strong are closely matched to the colour of your teeth, meaning they are highly aesthetically pleasing and will blend seamlessly into your mouth.

If you need a crown fitted to an existing tooth, your tooth will need to be prepared. This involves removing any decayed or damaged areas and shaping the tooth so that the crown can be attached. This will be carried out under local anaesthetic, so you will feel no discomfort. Next, an impression or a scan is taken, We have a 3D intra-oral digital scanner that enables us to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth. This means we now often don't need to take the traditional gooey impressions.

The scan or impression is sent to our laboratory where one of our highly skilled technicians will fabricate your custom made crown. The crown will be ready to be fitted approximately 2 weeks later.

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