Cost of Implants

At Lonsdale Dental Centre we are committed to ensuring all of our patients are fully aware of all costs involved in their treatment by providing a clear and concise breakdown prior to any dental work commencing. We will discuss all of the treatment options available to you at your consultation to ensure you receive the very best dental care for your circumstances.

With the increasing popularity of dental implants, many low-cost/non-researched implant systems are now available. However, most patients are not aware that there are important differences in dental implant systems, including variations in quality, technology and research. Few systems on the market have been scientifically tested.

At CAPI our main implant system is Straumann. The Straumann Dental Implant System is one of the best documented implant systems in the world, with more than 35 years of extensive scientific, clinical evidence and supported by more than 700 scientific publications. Clinical studies with a time span of up to 20 years confirm an impressive implant success rate of 98.8%.

Straumann is the main partner for the International Team of Implantology (ITI) which is one of the largest and the most prestigious international academic network in implant dentistry in the world. Dr Pavlovic is an ITI fellow and regularly lectures nationally and international on subjects related to implant dentistry.

Treatment fees

Consultation including written report £125
Small £13
Panoramic £85
Comprehensive case planning inc. study models and x-rays, by Specialist Prosthodontist £380
CT scan £195
Radiology report £90.00
Dental implant – Replace lost tooth/teeth
Single tooth implant including abutment and crown £2,815
To help you relax during your treatment from £350


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