Crowns and Bridges

Our Specialist Prosthodontist, Guy Stephens, offers an unparalleled standard of specialist care and is highly respected in his field of dentistry. For many people crowns and bridges have been the perfect solution to restore damaged or missing teeth, giving them back their smile. In recent years dental technology has advanced dramatically using revolutionary materials and techniques to reproduce replacement teeth that look just like your own teeth.

Why may I need a crown or bridge?

A bridge can be used to fill a gap where a tooth and root are missing completely for example due to trauma to the face or decay of the tooth. The replacement tooth is anchored to the teeth on either side and this unit is called a bridge. A bridge can be used to replace a single tooth or several teeth.

A crown is a cap that covers a tooth that is decayed or broken but still has a healthy root holding it in place.

Revolutionary materials and techniques

The Specialist Team at Lonsdale Dental Centre utilises revolutionary natural looking composite and ceramic materials which are highly aesthetic and very strong.  Your crown or bridge is designed and built specifically for you using the very latest CADCAM technology thus ensuring you have a perfectly fitting replacement tooth that not only brings back your smile but looks as natural as your existing teeth.  With all the advances in technology there are occasions when traditional systems have proved time and time again both in the research and in our experience to be the best. Therefore at Lonsdale Dental Centre we will give you impartial, professional advice on what is best for you on an individual basis.

If you would like to discuss your oral health or would like to learn more about crowns or bridges please Contact Us today, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can also read more about Our Team and how we help Anxious Patients by following the links.