A brighter, whiter smile

Have you always wanted a brighter, whiter smile to boost your confidence?

Our Teeth Whitening services could be your answer. Our team of specialists here at Lonsdale Dental Centre are here to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted, quickly and easily using the very latest teeth whitening techniques, materials and equipment.

Tooth Whitening Techniques

We have a range of teeth whitening services and our experienced dental specialists will discuss the most suitable method for your individual circumstances. All of our techniques are safe and proved to ensure you receive the very best dental care.

What will happen?

During your initial appointment you will undergo a thorough dental examination to ensure you are suitable for teeth whitening treatment. Your dentist will then discuss the options available to you and the costs involved. Every patient is different and the degree of whiteness achieved will depend on your personal circumstances. Changing your eating, drinking and lifestyle choices such as smoking will help you to keep your new bright smile.

Don’t be embarrassed, talk to us today

Your health and the way you feel about your appearance matters to us which is why we listen to you to understand your dental ambitions. Whitening your teeth will not only give you a younger, whiter, brighter smile but will also boost your confidence.

Contact Us today to book an appointment with our Teeth Whitening Specialist. You can also find out more about our other Cosmetic Dentistry services or read more About Our Practice or Our Team.