A Wells:

The Practice has always been to my mind first rate. Dr Newman Brown is such an excellent dentist and my many problems at the time resolved. I luckily have very few problems now. All the other staff are also very pleasant and professional and in particular I have always had wonderful (and happily pain free) hygienist treatment under several different hygienists over the years.


P Dryden:

I have always had teeth/gum problems since I was a young girl. I inherited Pedja from his predecessor and ever since I have been so happy with the work he has done to my teeth. He NEVER hurts, always listens and explains what he is doing and why. Pedja is also clearly a world expert in his field and held in high regard by colleagues and patients alike. I have recommended him to a friend who now like me would never go anywhere else. Gabrielle is always a pleasure to talk to and a professional like all the other staff at the Practice.


D Collins:

Treatment was very thorough and I was very impressed and pleased with the result and Leon is truly dedicated to his job. I’m sure further treatment will only improve my teeth and gums as they are already cleaner than they were. Full marks to Leon.


K Rahman:

 I’m very impressed with the way the whole practice is run, very well organised and excellent communication. In particular I would like to mention the extra care and attention that Dr Pavlovic and Estie have paid to me as I am a very nervous patient. I would recommend this practice to anyone.


K Robertson:

Guy became my dentist 6 months ago and I would now recommend him to absolutely anyone.

He’s taken infinite care to restore my teeth and gums to a healthy condition that I had frankly accepted to be a matter for history – I’d grown so used to being careful around raspberry pips and chewing seedy bread on one side only that I’ve almost required retraining now that everything works properly.

More importantly (for my personal vanity) he’s given me a smile that I’m happy to flash anywhere! An un-erupted canine meant that for over 40 years my teeth have been gappy on the left hand side of my mouth, with a lonely isolated incisor that from the right angle looked like a fang.

I’ve previously been quoted more than £4,000 for remedial treatment, plus surgery costs to remove the canine. Guy fixed things completely to my satisfaction by creating two cosmetic fillings that ‘fill the gaps’ and give a convincing illusion of balance to my smile – in just 90 minutes and for the princely sum of £300. He’s an artist, a perfectionist – and very much a pragmatist, too.