Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Periodontal plastic procedures can give you the perfect smile to boost your confidence so you can be at your best. Cosmetic surgery has become more popular than ever before especially now more people are living longer and ageing more gracefully. Periodontal plastic surgery has also felt this trend as it has experienced a significant shift toward cosmetic-related surgery to help make smiles last a lifetime.

Prior to any treatment commencing it is essential we undertake an accurate assessment to assess your gum line, the alignment of your teeth, your lip line, the size of your teeth and the condition of your gums.

Gummy Smile or Uneven Gum Line

Do you feel your teeth look too short and your smile is too gummy or your gums cover too much of some teeth while leaving others the right length? Then our expert team here at Lonsdale Dental Centre will help you create an even smile which is no longer gummy or uneven.

During this procedure, excess gum tissue will be removed to expose more of the crown of the tooth. Your gum line will then be sculpted to give your new smile just the right look.

Long Teeth/Exposed Root

Do you feel you look older than you really are?

Sometimes due to gum recession, your tooth roots can become exposed, giving the appearance of having a ‘long tooth’ resulting in you looking older than you are. This recession can happen due to many reasons including incorrect brushing and using hard toothbrushes. Prior to any treatment we will determine the reason your gum recession has occurred so we can specifically evaluate your circumstances.

Our team of Specialists will be able to help bring back your smile and restore your youthful appearance.

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