Designing your smile to last a lifetime

If you have many broken, damaged or worn teeth you may need a full mouth reconstruction. This may involve all of your teeth undergoing some form of restoration work such as crowns, dental implants and veneers. Our expert team have many years of experience at dealing with even the most complex of cases so you can be safe in the knowledge you will be treated with the utmost care and compassion throughout your treatment.

It’s all about the planning

Undergoing a full mouth reconstruction may take several consultations and visits to ensure you receive the very best possible outcome and your expectations are met and exceeded. Our specialist team will examine your teeth, gums, jaw, bones and tissue thoroughly to ensure we understand your mouth and teeth exactly. Through this planning process we are able to discover the very best treatment options for your personal circumstances and more importantly why these methods are best suited to you.

Using technology to build a picture

Our state of the art clinic uses the most up to date technology and materials to ensure we provide our patients with the best possible treatment.  By using a variety of sophisticated methods we can reconstruct your dentition before we start to give an impression of the finished result.  This allows you to see our proposals and comment on them before the plan is finalised and commenced.

If you would like to see your future smile Contact Us today to make an appointment with one of our Specialists. Our team are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.