The value of quality

We provide our patients with the best levels of care, using the best possible materials and using all the very latest technology. We are highly trained and have advanced skills to ensure you have the best possible treatment outcomes.

Please note we offer a young adult discount of 25% for check-ups and general dental treatment carried out by a Dentist, for patients who are 18 or in full time education.


New patient consultation (inc. small x-rays) £75
Specialist consultation £90-£130
Adult check-up £75
Child check-up (age 0 to 5) £25 (Complimentary if parent has attended within last year)
Child check-up (age 6 to 17) £25
Emergency consultation during hours £85
Emergency consultation out of hours £200
Small x-ray £15
Panoramic x-ray £88
CT scan £195
Radiology report £90
Complex case planning (inc. x-rays and study casts) £385
Hygienist visit 30 mins £77
Hygienist visit 60 mins £138
Scale and polish by the dentist £48-£88
Fissure sealants £25 per tooth
Filling £107-£398
Child filling (under 18) from £51
Core placement and investigation £255
Porcelain bonded crown £800
Metal free crown, onlay or full gold crown £868
Post £117-£398
Bridge (per unit) From £800
Per tooth £175-£550
Socket preservation £350
Acrylic partial denture £380-£1200
Metal-based partial denture £1,400-£2,200
Full denture (upper or lower) £2,000
Set of full dentures (upper and lower) £3200
Tooth whitening £153-£357
Additional tube of whitening gel £16
Aesthetic bonding £316
Ceramic veneer £928
Invisalign £2400-£3800
Mouth Guard
Sports mouth guard £95
Intravenous sedation £350 per hour
Specialist Periodontal Treatment
Periodontal consultation with report £130
Supportive periodontal therapy £145
Non-surgical periodontal treatment from £700
Surgical periodontal treatment £780-£1,125
Reassessment £175
Simple crown lengthening of single tooth £675
Laser therapy Individual fee
Complex crown lengthening Individual fee
Frenectomy £695
Gingival (gum) grafting £1,425
Surgical/X-ray stent £150
Implant Treatment
Implant consultation with report £130
Surgical implant placement £1,445
Bone grafting including materials £695-£895
Bone block grafting £1,800
Sinus lift up to £2,200
Implant abutment £505
Implant crown £910
Specialist Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatment)
Endondontic consultation with report £90
Incisor/premolar root canal treatment £695
Molar root canal treatment £795
Retreatment £850
Removal of posts, fractured instruments, silver points, crowns and bridges £150-£200
Yearly recall including x-rays £50