We prefer to prevent rather than treat

Maintaining a good daily brushing and flossing routine will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. A check-up appointment with one of our Dentists will ensure your cleaning routine is being effective and keeping your teeth and gums disease free.

What should I expect?

During your check-up appointment your Dentist will conduct a thorough examination of the whole of your mouth, including your teeth, jaw, gums and soft tissue. During the examination your Dentist will take notes of any areas of concern and will then discuss them with you afterwards.

When you arrive we will ask you to complete a medical history questionnaire. We need this information to ensure that any subsequent recommendations are consistent with your health status.

If it is your first visit we will then ask you what it is that has brought you to see us and give you the opportunity to tell us anything you consider important to you. We will enquire about your previous dental experiences and your expectations.

Since we are focused on trying to prevent the next part of the disease process we will ask about your regular cleaning routines so that we can judge your progress after our examination.

We will examine all the surfaces of your teeth and check the condition of any existing fillings, crowns and other restorative work to ensure it is all working for your benefit. We also examine all your gum tissue around the teeth and make a number of measurements which aid diagnosis and allow us to calibrate any changes that occur from visit to visit.

As part of every examination we also look at all your oral soft tissues; this is the oral malignancy examination of your lips, tongue, cheeks, palate, floor of mouth, and the opening of your throat. If there are any contentious signs we refer immediately for detailed assessment by those who specialise in this area.

Sometimes x-ray views are appropriate to check for tooth decay or the effects of gum disease. We have strict protocols that govern when x-rays are taken and try to take as few as possible. When x-rays are used we have a digital system which allows us to see crisp, clear images on screen within a few seconds and at the same time use significantly less radiation than was the case when film was used.

In some circumstances, we take impressions for the production of study models of your teeth which help in diagnosing a number of more complex problems. If this is the case it may be necessary for you to come for a second appointment to discuss the findings after the models have been prepared and studied.

With all this information we can explain what we have seen and what we might recommend for you. We are committed to open discussion to the point where you are clear in your own mind as to diagnosis, treatment planning, appointment scheduling and fees.

Will I need treatment?

Once the check-up appointment is over you may need to make a further appointment if any necessary treatment is required.  You may also need to have a scale and polish to remove any plaque build-up, to keep your teeth in optimal oral health. Your Dentist will also advise you of any cleaning techniques you may need to introduce to your daily routine to help keep your teeth clean and fresh.


Your Dentist may also recommend a visit to the Hygienist who will ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and will also provide information on diet, and your oral care at home. Our Hygienists will help restore your oral health, helping to keep your teeth and gums disease free.

If you would like to book an appointment Contact Us today; our friendly team would be delighted to hear from you. You can also read more About Us or view our General Dentistry services.