We are not like other practices – our focus is prevention

Much of the conventional thinking and practice is how to fix things once they have gone wrong. We have decided it must be more appropriate to try very hard to prevent things from going wrong in the first place.

Conservative Dentistry

Despite all of our best efforts some teeth will require treatment. In the main we are no longer willing to accept tooth loss without putting up a fight. This can involve a great deal of complex restorative dentistry which at Lonsdale Dental Centre we are trained to provide. Whether it is a large and complex filling, a tooth coloured rebuild of a broken tooth, a crown to cover a broken down tooth or even a denture or an implant supported restoration – these dental services are all part of our daily practice. We are backed up by carefully selected, excellent and well qualified Dental Technicians who produce beautifully crafted work tailor-made for you.

We are committed to making treatments as comfortable as possible by using minimally invasive techniques.

Professionalism and Care

All of our Clinicians, Specialist Team, Therapists, Hygienists, Nurses and Supporting Staff undertake Continuous Professional Development both within and outside the Practice.  In addition we provide training to other Dentists and Hygienists here at Lonsdale Dental Centre.

We are working together for your dental health and wellbeing, Contact Us today to find out more and book your consultation.